Tromp Bakery Equipment offers a wide range of Pie Lines. All our Pie Lines are designed according the highest HACCP / USDA standards. The equipment, conveyors and change parts are easy to dismount (without tools) and made of high quality stainless steel. All controls are computerized and operated by means of one or more Touch Screen Control Panels.

Pies may be produced in 2 different ways. From a (laminated) dough sheet or from a dough puck (scrap less). Tromp offers both types of production lines. 

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 Sweet Pies

appeltaart appeltaart notentaart notentaart vlaai vlaai vlaai vlaai 

Pastry dough, pie dough, puff pastry dough or even croissant dough is deposited or sheeted into the moulds or foils running underneath. The dough in the forms is pressed and filled with a sweet/fruit filling. The next step is covering the pie with a structured sheet followed by stamping and cutting away the rest material.


Savoury Pies

spinazietaart quiche tomaat kaas taart

The production is similar to the sweet pie whereas here the filling is a savoury. Normally Savoury Pies will be covered completely with a special lid on top of the moulded and filled dough cup.




Egg Tart

Egg tarts are produced using the Pie-principle with a dough sheet being pressed and tamped in the right form. The filling will be deposited whilst the product is still in its mould or foil.

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